About Us

Mission Statement:

It is the charter of this association to promulgate and foster a network of Nurse Administrators and Assistant Directors of Nursing in long term care.

To that end, this association endeavors to provide education, communication and service to the members it serves.

Through the NADONA/LTC Code of Ethics, Constitution and Charter, this association will support and promote quality of care for those individuals receiving long term care, and concern for those delivering long term care.


According to our Articles of Incorporation, New Jersey Association of Directors of Nursing Administrators/ Long Term Care, (NJADONA/LTC), was established on October 2nd, 1985.  The association was established as a non-profit corporation organized and operated to promote the common interests of its members, including but not limited to unifying the nursing administrators of Long Term Care Facilities in the State of New Jersey; providing a more effective vehicle for the expression of the members views to state and federal legislators and regulators responsible for drafting legislation, regulation and standards of care affecting members; nursing homes and residents in nursing homes, promoting better communication of problems affecting members, providing educational information through seminars and otherwise engaging in such other and further activities as will serve the interests of its members.

At this time it was determined that the corporation would be managed by a Board of Trustees.  And the rest is history.

Today we are still governed by a hard working board of directors.
Our board of directors meets monthly in Princeton, New Jersey.  During meetings some topics discussed are seminar topics, annual convention planning, association business and legislation.

Our annual convention attracts over 275 Directors of Nursing, Assistant Directors of Nursing, Wellness Directors and Administrators, the decision makers in the facilities.  Our Convention is considered one of the most fun relaxing and worthwhile shows in the industry.

When Nurses join our association they join both our National Association, NADONA, and the New Jersey Chapter, NJADONA.  Members will receive all mailings from both associations: newsletters, journals, continuing education information, seminar information, scholarships, Employee of the Year Awards and much, much more.

For more information please contact njadonapresident@gmail.com. We also offer our members access to our Policy & Procedure Library. If a member is in need of a Policy or Procedure, email your request to njadonapresident@gmail.com. We will do our best to accomodate your request.